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Thread: Reduce file size in a cloud model

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    Reduce file size in a cloud model

    Hi guys

    I had a 350 MB Revit model in BIM 360, which is too much when compared to similar projects. I've managed to reduce its size to about 35 MB by purging user-created families within it (a common bad practice at my office ).

    But after SWC and Publish, the model size in BIM 360 went up to 512 MB!. Why is this happening? I presume it's because all previous information keeps stored anyway?

    Is there a way I can effectively reduce a model size of the Cloud model? So far, I'm creating new models, detached models and starting collaboration all over again.


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    Hey there-

    Whats the ACTUAL problem you are experiencing? I understand that the file is 350MB, and that you feel it is too large... But what symptoms are you trying to address, other than the file size?

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    Not allowed! Not allowed! sure looks like a file the way it is presented to us but on BIM 360 a project is really a collection of many many files that are hidden from us.

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