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Thread: Write room areas into NIR text parameter

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    Write room areas into NIR text parameter

    Hi All,
    I am newbie to dynamo. Please bear with me if i am wrong. I have an area plan (NIA) with multiple apartments flats in it. Each apartment flats having 2 or 3 bedrooms. Now i need to create an area schedule in which i need to write all bedroom areas along with NIA and etc.... Is there any one help me to create dynamo script which collect all these bedroom areas to NIA area schedule?

    Robert John

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    Not allowed! Not allowed!
    That's some pretty broad open-ended questioning.

    Have your bedrooms been defined as separate areas? Why are you not using rooms? Then you can just schedule the areas of the room.

    Some screen shots would help, so would your dynamo script of what you have attempted.

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