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Thread: Beam Family Nested in Beam Family loses grip & shape handles don't snap to ref. plane

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    Unhappy Beam Family Nested in Beam Family loses grip & shape handles don't snap to ref. plane

    My nested beam works great in the host beam family, but once it's loaded in the project I lose the beam grip (blue dot) and my shape handles no longer snap to ref planes.
    Any advice would be appreciated, no matter how "far out" your solution may be. I'm open to anything.

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    Structural stuff doesn't like being nested in other stuff. It has all kinds of problems once it's in the project.

    If I need to nest structural components I end up making generic model simplified versions of them, and nesting those. You can switch them to structural after making them and they will behave better than real structural components.

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    Yes it's quite frustrating that we can't harness the existing content to build more complicated elements out of the same raw materials so to speak. Their is something about how beams and columns are treated by Revit when placed on their own that is broken when nested in another family. You might consider Assemblies if that approach could work for you. That route has its own quirks though.

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