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Thread: Refreshing Server Infrastructure--40 person firm

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    Revit Server does not mean installing "Revit" on a Server. Its a different piece of software.

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    Hi all,

    I'm the original topic starter.

    I think I stated above in the thread that we decided to go whole hog with a hyperV failover cluster and LogMeIn as a remote solution and just run desktops for everyone (45 people).

    As fate would have it, the move happened the weekend leading up to NY State's PAUSE program, everyone off the streets. We moved workstations chaotically on Friday night, I had until Sunday at 8 to get everything up and running. Just to make things a little spicier, I was self quarantined for the week leading up to the move.

    I think I have a really robust solution, I'm amazed how little went wrong, but I think Autodesk is wrong headed thinking that BIM 360 is a solution for a non-giant architectural firm. I think it's clear from my investigation and from my experience that there's no long term place in the world for a "half baked" cloud solution. If we didn't use revit, I'd have migrated to MSFT azure and lived happily ever after. Autodesk doesn't have to solve all the problems in house, but they really do need to come up with an end to end solution partnering with other vendors for a firm our size.

    My 2 cents, it was a scary weekend, getting scarier all the time


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