Hello guys,
I am looking for some advice and thoughts on this workflow. When the structure is fully separated, this is not an issue. However when the structural also part of the architectural model poured upper floor slabs with poured beams, and openings on the slab I need to get creative

I am doing a project where the structure is poured in place concrete - floors and beams are connected. When the model is linked into an arch model I will have an arch (concrete) slab that would need to be updated to match the thickness of the structural slabs, but that arch slab that lives in our model need to be documented for elevation changes and edge of slab drawings that the struc engineer doesn't provide. In a perfect world I just turn off the arch slab and just keep the thin floors (finishes)

The challenge here come when generating sections, if I hide the concrete slab in the structural model, I will get lines where the beam meet the concrete slabs in the arch model. For this, I am thinking that if both slab are fully coordinated - and to foster more coordination, I can use the arch slab for the architectural drawings and the structural version which cleans up with the beams for sections.

I really wish Revit would allow clean up between links (join between links).
This is similar to shear walls that host doors for instance.

Thank you