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Thread: RFO Benchmark v3.2 2020 results

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    Quote Originally Posted by remiscs View Post
    I have only built a few 3950x systems for software developers but in benchmarking them in other software I am sure it will do well in Revit. Problem is, the 9900k should be as good and more likely better than a 3900x/3950x and both of those CPU currently cost more. I suspect the 3800x would fall behind the 9900k.

    The AMD supply is finally starting to stabilize so I am sure I will start selling more of them, I just do not see them being the go to CPU for most AEC/BIM applications. That is not to say that the 3800x/3900x/3950x would be bad either, just not the best for Revit. Unlike previous Ryzen in which I think would have been a bad choice.
    Ok, well if the ryzen 3900x falls within 5% in single threaded workloads then in multi threaded workloads its far better then the 9900k so personally i would take the 3900X anytime

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    i9 9900KS @4.00GHz w/ RTX 2080 Super

    Excellent results. Done via a Remote Desktop session.
    RVT 2020 - Full_Simplified set - 2020.01.23 @ 16.19.41 on WINDOWS-DJJS20I.txt
        RFO Benchmark v3.2 (build 19.08.2019)
        RevitForum.orgAll times are in seconds, lower is better.
    Run on Revit 2020 FCS_________________________________________________________________
    Model creation benchmark
        4.61   opening and loading the custom template
        9.88   creating the floors levels and grids
       14.99   creating a group of walls and doors
       26.74   modifying the group by adding a curtain wall
        8.96   creating the exterior curtain wall
        6.93   creating the sections
        3.00   changing the curtain wall panel type
       10.50   creating area plans
        1.20   creating and applying view template
       86.81   TOTAL_________________________________________________________________
        4.45   activate View Styles view
        0.88   change view to Wireframe
        0.07   change view to Hidden
        0.27   change view to Shaded
        0.29   change view to Consistent Colors
        0.27   change view to Realistic
        0.68   refresh Wireframe Line view x10
        2.76   refresh Hidden Line view x10
        2.93   refresh Shaded view x10
        2.74   refresh Consistent Colors view x10
        3.61   refresh Realistic view x10
        0.33   activate View Cube view
        1.89   rotate view x1
       21.17   TOTALNotes:
        Graphics benchmark measures the entire graphics stack, which includes CPU and memory.
        To meaningfully compare graphics cards, test all cards in the same machine
        and use the 'Graphics - expanded' benchmark.
    Mfr: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.
    Model: MS-7B17
    OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro64-bit_______________________________________________________
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900KS CPU @ 4.00GHz
    Max Clock Speed: 4.008Ghz
    Number of Processors: 8
    Number of Logical Processors: 16
    Total Physical Memory: 32GB @ 3000 3000Mhz_______________________________________________________
    Drive Type: local Disk (NTFS)
    Drive Model: Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB_______________________________________________________
    Graphics Card: Microsoft Remote Display Adapter
    Graphics RAM: 0GB
    Driver version: 10.0.18362.329Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER
    Graphics RAM: 3.9990234375GB
    Driver version:
    Screen Resolution: 1280 1920x800 1080x32bit @ 32 60Hz
    DPI Scaling: 100%
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