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Thread: Pipe Union symbology

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    Pipe Union symbology

    Is there a way to get the symbol of a pipe union to only display a line and have the pipe symbol line connect directly to that? Here is an example of what we're working with now:

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    The magenta is the new pipe and union. The grey is existing pipe. This currently shows lines extended from the center of the union to where it connects to the pipe. I would like it to look more like the second one I made with details lines so the transition from new to existing is much more clear.

    I've tried hiding the symbology line in the family but that creates a gap. The pipe lines do not automatically fill in the gap.
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    I think you need to delete the center line in the family. My pipe union family is just the OOTB family with that center line deleted and a perpendicular line drawn in. You may also want to check the MEP settings and make sure that “Use Annotation Scale” checkbox is set correctly.

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