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Thread: Dropdown list combined with IF function

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    Dropdown list combined with IF function

    Hello there,

    I am still learning Dynamo - thats why I am still having problems with basic stuff -

    I wanted to create a script that lets user choose from 5 differents countrys through a Dropdownlist.
    After choosing from a country dynamo should generate a a sheet that has the Blockfamilytype specific for the
    choosen Country.

    my Idea was to create a List with all the countrys - The List node is connected with a Dropdown node that creates a Dropdownlist.
    My Problem is that i cant figure out how to combine the dropdown node with a if or Formular node, which tells dynamo to create the specific sheets.

    thanks in Advance

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    This is easy with a Dictionary, where the Key is the string (Name) of the Country and the Value is the Title Block Type that you need for that country.

    The Drop Down will result in the Name, the ValueAtKey Node will tell you which Title Block to use.

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    Little bit of advice: look into the excellent Data-Shapes package for dropdown/user interface elements.
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