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Thread: Adding a text field below a schedule of quantities?

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    Post Adding a text field below a schedule of quantities?

    Hey all,

    Wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to insert a text field row below a schedule of quantities? Currently you can only insert a row between the Title and Headers... I have made a compromise in the meantime but see below what I'm attempting to achieve.
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    You can split your Schedule Header and make an additional "Row", but you can't do that at the bottom of a Schedule
    Starting about 3:20

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    Yeah I figured as much. For now I have the note as a legend with some reference plans to line it up nicely with the schedule. Thought I would post something to see if it was possible.

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    So I have had a couple different methods of doing this. Credit to cftrevizo for his post somewhere in the ADSK forum that inspired me in the first place. It involved having a parameter in every family and linking that parameter to a global parameter and then sorting the schedule by that parameter. I was thrilled, but it's pretty labor intensive to map a parameter to every family in a schedule. Then I decided to have an unitemized schedule to apply the notes to elements, sorted by which schedule they were in (quicker, and immediately noticeable if an element didn't have the notes, but with it's own problems).

    Dissatisfied, I was playing around with it today and found a really simple way to do this closer to cftrevizo's method, provided you can sacrifice a level of sorting/grouping. It relies on the ability to reference Project Information parameters in schedules.

    1) Create a project parameter -> <Desired Schedule Name> -> Common -> Multiline Text -> Text (or whatever), and assign it to the Project Information category.
    2) Add the parameter as a column to the desired schedule.
    3) In the schedule properties dialog, go to the Sorting/Grouping tab and in the first "Sort by:" field, pick your project parameter, tick the Footer and set it to "Title and totals".
    4) Go to the Formatting tab, make the parameter a hidden field.
    5) Make a separate parameter for each schedule you want notes for, and repeat.

    There are two advantages to this (as far as I care): first, all the schedule notes are in one spot for easy editing, and second, the notes aren't tied to the families themselves, which means each element can belong to different schedules with different notes (though some interesting parameter gymnastics might be needed to key elements to differently ordered schedule notes).

    It's not without disadvantages though. As I said, if you have calculated totals, they will show up, and you might notice word wrapping at the first column with totals if any of your notes are particularly long. And if you have any desire to do proper formatting, you're out of luck, but that's just Revit for you.

    Has anyone done something similar? What have you thought of it? Any words of warning from those who've been down this path before?

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