Hey mates. My name is Yuan. I’m currently studying a joint PhD degree in National Taiwan University (Taiwan) and Curtin University (Australia) with primary focus on BIM software development. I’m pleased to introduce bimU.io Viewer, a free BIM design review platform developed by my team. We’ve run through a user acceptance testing a few months ago and it is now generally available to the public.

bimU.io Viewer is a full-fledged online BIM model viewer that truly works for every project member. BIM is not exclusive to BIM managers and technicians. We’ve built an easy-to-use platform for everyone to review 3D design data without getting hands dirty. Simply upload your BIM model and it will be accessible via a browser instantly. Do some markups then share it securely or embed it in your collaboration software. All can be done with the Free version of bimU.io Viewer. If you are looking for a lightweight alternative to Autodesk BIM 360, you’re more than welcome to switch to bimU.io Viewer at no cost.

In addition to essential 3D navigation tools, element information, camera control, sectioning, measurement, etc., I’d also like to highlight some features that come in quite handy:

  • Upload current model view from BIM software, including Revit, Navisworks, Tekla. What you see is what you get! IFC file upload is also supported.
  • Our “Pluginless” technology lets you stick to web browser as a single user interface and interact with different BIM software without playing around multiple plugins.
  • Markup contains graphic annotations, comments, and camera viewpoint. It is compatible with BCF standard. You can sync camera viewpoints and review them among different BIM software.
  • Support Microsoft and Google Single Sign-On. Simply log in with your company or organisational account without creating a new one.
  • Sharing a model securely is as easy as sharing a video. You can set a password via SSL connection and get someone to review it on mobile devices.
  • Embed BIM model into your own website or collaboration software, e.g., Microsoft Teams or SharePoint.

We are also working hard on improving the platform. More features are coming next year, including supporting more model formats, issue tracking, open API/SDK, etc. Please stay tuned. If you have any problem using bimU.io Viewer, please feel free to email support@bimu.io or log a ticket on our support centre. Below are some useful links for you to get started.

bimU.io Official Site

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