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Thread: Multiple Reference Levels exporting to Navisworks.

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    Question Multiple Reference Levels exporting to Navisworks.

    Hey all,
    I received a POS model from another firm that I am having to do major clean up on in order for the G.C. to do his clash detection.
    When I export a view (Level 9) to Navisworks, I am getting items from reference levels 1-43. When the model was done originally, They had risers drop from 12th floor to the 9th floor and because the riser was drawn from the 12th floor down to the 9th floor the Navisworks model shows multiple referenced levels. Is there an easy/quick way to either:
    1: Force the levels in the Navisworks model to merge to level 9?
    2: Force the reference levels in Revit to be the level they are actually on?

    Also is there an easy way to split the risers that span 43rd-1 floors and obtain the reference level they occupy?

    Hope all this makes sense.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you export each floor /level separately, then why do you need to divide them by level when exporting? Just turn it off in the export settings.
    1, 2 are not possible afaik.

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