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Thread: Issues with hot/cold water flow

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    Issues with hot/cold water flow

    I'm having some issues with calculating water flow through piping. The flow seems to stop at random fittings, but ONLY for the hot water system. Cold water works fine. Is there something obvious i'm missing?

    i have two (for now, i'll have to add more later on) sinks with hot and cold water connections. I have preset the flow within the sink family. I've connected these families to my piping and they definitely are connected, because the sink families appear on the system for that piping.

    However, selecting the piping i can see that the flow carries on all the way down the pipe line for cold water, but for the hot water it just seems to stop after the first or second pipe bends.

    I apologize if I'm being unclear, but english is my second language. I'd appreciate any help, because i'm lost.

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