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Thread: Cabinet family creation

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    Cabinet family creation

    I am trying to make a generic cabinet family that i can get a cut list of parts from. But when i try to make the family shared i keep getting a add material parameter message i am attaching both my file if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. these are in revit 2020 and i want to attach the face frame to the cabinet then create cut list for all.

    Thanks in advance for all responces
    Randy C.
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    When I load your front into the cabinet family it is oriented out of phase with the cabinet. I was able to orient it to the "front" face of one side after removing the check in the Always Vertical option of the front family.

    It isn't clear to me what sort of "cut list" you expect to get from this. The purpose of "shared" families is to allow them to be scheduled individually despite being part of a whole. Imagine a table and chairs. If the table and chairs are not "shared" then the family is loaded but only the composite family is listed in a schedule of furniture. When the table and chairs are "shared" and then nested into a parent family the parent can be scheduled AND the chairs and table can be in the schedule too. In that scenario is usually necessary or desirable to filter out the composite family in favor of only itemizing the chairs and table. Unless the composite assembly is meant to be counted along with loose chairs for other uses.

    None of that provides a "cut list" for someone fabricating the chairs or table. It would provide a "pick list" for someone grabbing said furniture items from a warehouse or storeroom but not the parts that go into the making of them.

    A family placed in a project can be used to create an assembly which Revit can then create the usual set of views for basic shop drawings (see image).
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