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Thread: Revit 2020.2 update - how to hide the new x,y,z icon

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    What's going on with my linked models displaying the PBP and SP in grayscale, even though they're set to be turned off? I have a site plan with a linked site model, and the view is set to By Linked View using the corresponding site view in the site model. Even if I change everything to custom and turn off the PBP and SP in the linked model, they're still displaying in grayscale in the view. And when the SP is far away, it makes a Zoom Extents operation zoom WAYYYYY out. Even cropping the view doesn't help, as the PBP and SP are still visible even when outside the cropped view!

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    Thank You !!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nurlan View Post
    I think that this error may occur due to the fact that the current version of Dynamo cannot work with 3D view templates.

    Variant of the script without using Archilab package:
    Attachment 38019
    I have enough on my plate with deadlines and don't have ANY dynamo experience yet. YOU got me over a great barrier. Thank you, Nurlan.


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    Hi Rob,

    I am very glad that I helped you to advance in understanding Dynamo. I wish you a quick mastering of this tool, it's worth it.

    ps: Nothing motivates you to learn Dynamo like the approaching deadline

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    Thanks so much. Worked after I updated archi-lab (have never used dynamo before).

    The idea that ADesk didn't know this would be an issue and requires a fix by users, and the fix needed to be dynamo, is "breath-taking," "incomprehensible," ...."...."

    Geof Narlee

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