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Thread: multiply isn't equal to divide!!

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    multiply isn't equal to divide!!

    i make an unexpected discovery :
    diameter = radius x 2 is different from radius = diameter / 2
    i know i can be silly but the first expression was found in a family and the family works
    when i decided to change the family , because in my mind in think it's more logical, the family doesn't work anymore!!
    i don't know how to explain this!!

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    Works for me? Or am I misunderstanding something?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    With an outer diameter smaller than an inner diameter?

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    When I run into a math problem inside Revit I always assume it is ME...Math is not my game. Math IS their game however...Revit (all CAD) is graphical math at its core.

    If you've built something and constrained elements and then change the logic you need to disconnect the constraining dimensions etc and reassign them. If a parameter value is in play and your geometry needs to change and alter the constraint it will usually break. Reset parameters to zero so Revit can apply the new values required when you attach a parameter to dimension constraints.

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    I don't see any problem in the formulas that you show in the screen capture. They are doing the math correctly. Something strange, as others have noticed, is that the value of your interior diameter is greater than your exterior diameter, at least in the Family Types window. I could not open the family, though. It gave me an error.

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