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Thread: Multi residential type units in Multi buildings project

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    Multi residential type units in Multi buildings project

    Hi Everybody,
    I'm dealing with a Multi residential type units in Multi buildings project, And I want to well manage the content from the beginning before getting deep into the project. the project consists of : 5 buildings with a very large basement under the 5 buildings and 28 unit types (linked revit files) are placed in different locations in the 5 buildings.
    The architect always provide us with a site model file (containing the stairs, the external enveloppe coatings and the basement) and the unit types revit files.
    when I open the site file and reload all the linked unit types files, All the architectural elements took their place in the whole project in the 5 building.
    My work is to design the HVAC-PLB work.

    Can I follow the architectural reasoning like : ??????
    1) I link the arch unit type on my mechanical template to do my mechanical work
    2) I link the site file into my mechanical template
    3) I link step 1) into 2) to have my work duplicated throughout the project like the architectural unit types models. and keep woking on the pipes and the duct risers down to the basement and to the roof etc .....

    My question is what are the best strategies and practises to manage this kind of projects ???
    i have attached an image to know more the project.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I hope to see a response from someone more knowledgeable than me on this thread!

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    In our company every project has the same caracteristics, that's how we face it:
    I would create a separate file for each building so I can work the building only elements (common area elements, or, all elements outside residential units) appart from other buildings. Beside those common area elements, each building file would have the appropriate residential units linked. Then I would link each building file into the architect's site file.

    So: Residential Units (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, etc) linked to Residential Buildings (Type A, Type B, etc) linked to Site file.

    Something like russian dolls.

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    There are posts that have gone in depth about multi-family residential units in Revit here on the forum:

    Twiceroadsfool has written extensively on using groups for multi-family units here. I agree with him on using groups for units but I will warn that you need smart users doing the work. Lazy or inexperienced users can create havoc with groups. One of my old BIM Managers at a firm that did multi-family work said "Groups are great until they break!"

    Good luck!

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    Simplest advice I can give for using Model Groups... no non-system hosted elements in the group (no face-based, no line-based) and keep all hosts in the group with the element being hosted.

    Theres more, of course, but those are the big ones from my experience.

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    Linking units is a mistake. While you will hear debate and arguments about "yeah but i dont want to do THIS thing multiple times," in the end groups are the only strategy (architecturally) that work well.

    But, you are inheriting these models from the Architect, since you are a consultant on the project. Which means you kind of have to deal with what you are dealt. Given the amount of time and effort it would take to re-organize the architectural model, you would cringe at what i would do, if i were you:

    1. Open the Building Files, and export the Plans and RCP's to CAD.
    2. Open your file, and Link in the 5 main building files (units will be missing... UNLESS the architect has them set to attachment. If they did that, there is no need to use this workflow)
    3. Link in the CAD Files for the Ceilings and Plans.
    4. Model your stuff, being careful NOT to snap to the CAD files.

    As mentioned above, if they have their links set to Attachment instead of Overlay, you can just link in the five buildings and go to work. But if i had to open 5 towers, and swap all the links from O to A, every week, i would just export the base plans i needed to model my scope, and get moving.


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