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    Not an Architect


    I am not an architect, but am becoming quite accomplished in Architectural modeling. Are there jobs in the field for someone without a degree in Architecture, but who is an accomplished modeler?

    Many thanks

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    I moved your post to a different section of the forum, because the Career Corner only has posts you can not reply too and you are asking a question, so that's not the best spot for that.

    And to answer (part) of your question. I'm not an architect either and been doing this job for over 20 years now (self-employed for the past 3 years or so). I do however have an education in construction. Looked up my education compared to what you would call it in the USA and that would be an associate’s degree. But in most cases these days people that do what I do have a bachelor’s degree, but I make up that difference (and then some) in experience. So, just knowing Revit will not cut it I guess, you need to know how a building is put together at least a bit. Extending that knowledge can be done on the job, but you need a boss willing to help you with that.

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    Yes you can. It will be a steeper hill to climb because you'll be competing with people who do have the credentials you don't. Having a positive persistent attitude is essential to help you though that phase. Experience and relationships matter too. Find local (AIA, Revit User, Computer User, Construction) and internet groups to participate in that can put you in a position to meet people who work at firms. They don't know you're looking for a job unless you tell them and being able to do that means getting to know people. Much in life is built on who you know, who gets to know you. Generally people like to help other people (like here in this forum), especially people they know, like and trust. Persistence matters. If you want to do this work, do some research too. Where do you want to work? What kind of architecture? There is much variety. Size of the firm? Want construction experience or prefer design? Earning the credibility to really get to do design is a very steep hill. Getting an interview is one hill to climb...actually surviving it is another...all before you get to do the work. Work hard up front so you get the job before the interview...

    I'll add, when firms are busy (like now) it's good time to go for it. Firms need people to get billable work done. If you can promise results then they are much more likely to give you a shot now as compared with when there are 200 other people with more credentials vying for the same job. This business is cyclical too; like home building/design is quite vulnerable to shorter economic cycles while others are less so (healthcare has been pretty consistent for a longer cycle). Finding a firm that intentional pursues work to be less vulnerable to cycles is a good plan. Then once you get a shot you'll have to work very hard to build respect in the firm so you have a good chance of surviving the next slow cycle.
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