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Thread: Conditional Parameters

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    Conditional Parameters

    i have been doing a ton of research trying to figure out how i can accomplish this but i am lost and cant find an answer.

    on any given family that you are working with, i have set up a "SHOW-ELEMENT" parameter. applying this to all the parts of the family that i want to show or not to show (checking it or unchecking it) giving this parameter a yes/no in the graphics section, it works great. i want to find out how to take it a step further and be able to use this but have it still be visible in a 3D view.

    the reason is that we go off the architect's fixtures but need to tag things a certain way. the reason for wanting to see this in a 3D view is that we do riser diagrams in Revit using a 3D view. it would help to be able to still show the fixture in this view only. i have tried to do this with a filter, but when that is done you are pretty much hiding the element which you will hide all tagging with the fixture.

    does anyone know how to achieve this?

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    In the family, select the elements you don't want to see in plan and uncheck Plan/RCP in the Visibility/Graphics Overrides settings.
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