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Thread: Label Parameters - Titleblock creation

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    Label Parameters - Titleblock creation

    I am trying to understand how labels work in family editing.. I am making a sheet which includes a title-block with text fields. Some of the text is set up where the label value is changed per sheet, and on some, it is changed universally on all of the sheets. For example, on each sheet, if you change the date one one sheet, it changes it to the same value on all of the sheets. On other instances, it is unique to each sheet.

    How are the parameters of the labels different in order for one to change universally, vs. on a sheet by sheet basis? I am using an example that someone made, but I can't see any differences in the label family itself.
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    In typical families:

    Instance: This item only
    Type: All items of this type

    On Titleblocks it gets tricky, because there can be parameters for:

    Titleblock Instance: This titleblock only
    Titleblock Type: All titleblocks of this type
    Sheet (Always instance): This sheet only
    Project Parameters: Project Wide, aka behaves like type.

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