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    New to Dynamo

    Hello all New to Dynamo, i am sure someone might have done this earlier but couldn't find the solution. Planning to export schedules into excel and then update required information in excel and then push the info back to revit.

    First step prepared schedule in revit which I have done but I wanted these sorted them properly before I can use Data.exportExcel node to export them into excel.

    What my requirement is the excel should have "Scheduled Level", "FCU_label" as 1st and 2nd columns and sorted aswell. The remaining information can follow in any order. My idea was to index these two from the rest(using code block) and use "list create" node to reconstruct the list as required. But didn't worked. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Some notes:
    - Schedule.getdata is from bimorph nodes, not a built-in one, if someone wants to reproduce this. Fortunately this package was installed for me.
    - You can set up sorting in the schedule, and if you just want to modify the data in excel and not print it, you can just use the VLOOKUP function in excel, and this doesn't care about the order of items in the list.
    - Also I never exported a schedule this way, I always recreated the schedule as a dynamo data structure with selections. It makes management of data easier, so you don't have to modify the schedule AND the dynamo graph if you want to change something. Element.Parameters and Element.GetParameterValueByName will be your friends.
    - I encourage everyone to learn dynamo, but for this exact functionality a free plugin exists: Import-export excel:

    But a solution to your question:
    -To reorder the columns use List.Transpose->List.Reorder->List.Transpose.
    - For sorting I like to use the List.SortByFunction. There are other options.

    See the image as a solution, I had to hide some parts of the data:
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