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Thread: New to Revit and trying to do an extrusion

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    New to Revit and trying to do an extrusion

    I am trying to create these columns using extrusion. I am having difficulty getting the middle section to be offset. Attached are what I am working on and what I am needing to make it look like. Thanks for any advice
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    I hope you don't want to create it as an in-place model. You shouldn't use in-place model if you want to use this column more than once.

    I would create it as 4 separate extrusions on top of each other:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I draw the visible parts of the extrusion profiles with purple.

    If you want to make it parametric, create a reference plane at the bottom and top of each column part, than lock the top and bottom of extrusions to the ref planes.

    You can also create the extrusion 2 and 3 as one extrusion, than cut the interior parts with 4 voids, but I think plus one extrusion is easier than plus four voids.

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    You need to make a column family(Arch) and create these extrusions within the family editor, using reference planes and dimensions to control the sizes and material parameters to control the materials. Note if you have no idea what we are talking about then look for some training on the family editor as it is the foundation of revit and if you are new to revit you will need to invest some time in learning this aspect of the tool to become successful with it.

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    Hi RevivalBrad,

    I don't think extrusion for creating this type of column is a good idea. Because the file will be very heavy for future use. Creating a column family is the best option, and apply some parameters to make the dimensions and materials editable as per your requirements. It will be easy to edit the column in the same project also. You can use this family to another project also. Otherwise, you can make a group of the total create in place column, but the same issues (file size, editing) will be there. Also, you can check some video tutorials on youtube, So you can see the family creation process step by step.


    Abhisekh Das

    Click image for larger version. 

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