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So just so I understand this correctly to get the link to work properly, it should be placed with orientation as Project North, even if we are setting up the site plan initially?
Could I ask if you could please you review our workflow attached? It would be a great help.
I don't use Publish Coordinates anymore. It isn't supported with BIM360 projects and many models I might need to use it on aren't my models (belong to consultants) so for the sake of consistency I only use a process based on Acquire Coordinates and Specify Coordinates at Point.

Acquire Coordinates creates the opportunity to link models to each other using By Shared Coordinates. Specify Coordinates at Point allows us to fix model locations when the design changes as well as export to external formats for alignment in other software.

Regardless, when a DWG file is linked into a project the view it is linked into matters. Revit treats that as its home view and leaving the view assigned to Project North is necessary to keep it oriented correctly.