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Thread: Revision Clouds and Sheet Information

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    Revision Clouds and Sheet Information

    HI all,

    This has me stumped for now so im hoping someone out there can help me.

    I have created a graph which will pick up all of the Revision Clouds in a project and I can get the required information, which for me is:
    • Revision Date
    • Revision Number
    • Sheet Number
    • Sheet Name
    • Comments (This is information from each Rev Cloud Tag)

    All that is fine and i can export to Excel easy peezy.

    One of the team then came to me and asked if i could also include the "Drawn By" data from the sheets which contain those revision clouds and this is where I am stuck.
    I can find the information from the Rev Cloud via the "workset" parameter and i can water this down to get my sheet numbers. What i cant seem tom do is use this list of sheet number to then grab the required Drawn By fields from those sheets.

    I am pretty sure it is because i am using strings and i don't know how to apply this to find the drawn by data.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Big Graph.PNG 
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    So, what I need to do, is basically get the revision clods per sheet, get those sheet numbers and then get the corresponding Drawn By information from the sheet information, which I can then export.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Your screenshot doesn't help much because of the missing texts.

    I guess you can just collect the values with getParameterValueByName at the same step you collect the sheet numbers and names. Basically sheet name is just another parameter of a sheet, it just happens we have a special default node for collecting this parameter value.

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    Drawn By is a sheet parameter, not part of the revision (unless you want to know who placed the revision cloud(s)).

    It also helps if the whole graph is legible When you export as an image, zoom in so you can read the nodes, then export. It will export the entire graph, but large enough to actually read the nodes.

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    I made this very thing a couple of years ago. We use it all the time at my firm:

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