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Thread: Simplifying your famlies with nested famlies

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    I got the idea from Josephpeel in this thread a couple years back:

    It started off with me writing about using Piping System Schedules to schedule Text data for pipe material and insulation specifications, and he gave me the idea of scheduling images for the piping legends. There wasn't any magic to generating the images, all I did was take a screenshot from a PDF of our standard legend symbols and make small image files for each one. They key is to be VERY consistent in terms of the image height/width and line placement. I used Paint to put the text into each line symbol, making sure to use the same text font and height for every one.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And then from there I got the idea do this with other stuff. So I created a Multi-Category Schedule and started making images for every Type in our Standard families. Again, this involved a lot of work with Paint. But I'm happy with the result: I place a motor-operated damper or 3-way valve in the model and that image populates in the schedule on my cover sheet. This is a screenshot from our main template file, into which I've intentionally loaded every standard family we have. In an actual project, this would of course only reflect the objects that are in the model.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also use parameters to filter these in/out of different versions of these schedules: for Mechanical only, for Plumbing only, and these, which are Mechanical and Plumbing combined. (On small jobs we combine the disciplines.) It took a while to set all this up but it works well. The Manage Images dialog box is crazy to scroll though, we have about 125 of these tiny images loaded, but it doesn't seem to impact model performance.

    Amusingly, the only reason I went to all of this effort was to appease our Quality Control manager, who is old school and extremely retentive. He was constantly marking up the legends for every job and I got sick of the markups. Now he has his customized legends tailored to every project and I don't have to spend time on all that BS drafting work.
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