Hi All,
Im Mark and I am trying to teach myself Revit, I am currently watching The 2020 Revit Essentials with Eric Wing on Lynda.com.
Im on the section creating floor plans and am happy so far but after creating the floor plans for power and reflected ceiling plan the lighting floor plan was left untouched, this is where im a bit stuck and not sure if I have done it right. To create the 3,4,5 and roof plans I had to duplicate them in the rcp then create a new viewing template with discipline as electrical and sub discipline as lighting, this has got the layers where they go but I think it may have been a bodge and I dont like to bodge if I can help it, can anyone help with this or link a video to explain it, the power and lighting where straight forward as shown.
Here is a dropbox link if any one wouldn't mind having a look please.