In the old pre-BIM360 days, if you really had a problem where a Revit user didn’t relinquish elements in a workshared model, you could either

  1. Pretend to be that user and sync (yes just by changing your user name in Revit Options), or
  2. Detach that Central model and Save As.

Modern day BIM360 Revit Collaboration doesn’t allow either of those to happen easily…
So how do you relinquish elements in a BIM360 cloud Revit model?
Here’s how:

  • Open Revit and a model
  • Then go to Collaborate and Manage Cloud Models.
  • Browse to your BIM 360 Project and then the actual Model
  • Use the icon to view the model Actions menu and choose “Relinquish”

Screenshot from Revit 2018When prompted, choose “Force Relinquish”
Choose the User and then click Relinquishand Continue
Confirm by pressing ContinueThen, wait for the process to complete.
Finally, it is probably a good idea to Sync with Central ?

Revit Help Links (note, the process is basically the same for all current versions):

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