As title says, we are doing model which includes pointclouds. Because of size, and PC performance, we decided to link every pointcloud on its own revit file and then link that revit file into main model. PRoblem is when we upload all the materials (models, pointclouds) on external drive for clients, revit loses path because obviously all linked models are now in different location. But then we manually reloaded everything with correct path and that is of external drive and then everything is OK, what I figured out.. the best way to keep the path is to manually setup external drive letter to match the one that is for revit path. But sometimes when I put on other PC and set the external drive for example E: to match the path, for all revit links it says loaded, but I cannot see point cloud because it lost the path to .rcp file that is again on E:

Do you have any experience with this, and what do you do in this kind of situation?