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Thread: connectors of duct

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    connectors of duct

    [FONT=arial]hi everyone
    I am trying to understand conception of connectors in duct systems. I read the Autodesk Help ( revit ) in which this sentence confused me : [/FONT]

    [FONT=Artifakt]When you place fitting connectors, the primary connector must be placed on the face that is on the X-axis.
    Unfortunately, i dont understand the meaning of X-Axis, because if you place a connector on the face, it will be placed on the X-Y plan automatically. So what message did writer want to convey ?[/FONT]

    Address of Autodesk help:


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    I think this means the primary connector should coincide with the X axis of the family coordinates (Center (Front/Back) reference plane).

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    Fittings in the MEP side of Revit behave in a very sepcific way. It's unfortunate, but the Autodesk help files can be a little lacking. The sentence in question really should read something like this:

    "Assuming the horizontal and vertical reference planes in plan represent the X and y axes respectively, the primary connector should be placed on a face perpendicular to (that is, parallel to the YZ-plane) and centered around the X-axis."

    Notice the picture taken from the help article below. The arrow indicating the connector orientation is coincident with the horizontal reference plane. This elbow family would be created such that equal halves would lie above and below the Reference Level (which could be termed the Z-axis), ensuring that assumed intersection of all connectors will be the family origin, the intersection of the three default reference planes.

    Taking this step is important so that fittings will behave when interacting with system elements, such as ducts, pipes, conduits, and cable trays. The results of not properly orienting and configuring connectors can be frustrating and lead to some unexpected and wacky results.

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