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Thread: Hiding Profile silhouette

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    Hiding Profile silhouette

    I'm really just starting out on my Revit venture so please bear with me if I get some of the terminology incorrect. What I've drawn is a ventilation canopy so the outside skin is a 2mm extrusion & abutting that is a bottom & top filter rail. The top & bottom filter rails are drawn as sweeps along the rear skin of the canopy. The problem I have is that I can see the ends of the filter rails. Is there a setting I can use to hide these lines & similar ones I've yet to draw but will have the same issue with. They are visible no matter what shading is applied. I don't want to "not show the edges" via Graphics display option as that removes some edges I do need to see. Hopefully this is solvable. Any advice is much appreciated
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    Are they supposed to be hidden by that panel? I think this usually happens when the thickness of that panel is very thin. Will you see those lines if you print to PDF, or print?

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