Anyone who follows this blog knows that I have many interests and find ways to develop them into training materials... like blog posts, staff training, conference presentations around the world and even textbooks! Today's posts will unveil my latest project(s)!

I have developed a new certification study guide for a topic that is not directly related to the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry... and, as you will see at the end of this post, a sister-book is already done and in the publishers hands.

Presenting my newest book:
Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Associate 365/2019 Exam Preparation

I feel this offering is very special in that I used my skills as an architect (WI) to develop compelling graphics which will help students better understand multi-step tasks. Additionally, as an educator, I know students have different learning styles. So this book also comes with 70 videos, flashcards and software! Yes, the book comes with a practice exam that mimics the real exam.
Key Features

  • Explains everything current Excel users need to know about the exam process
  • Covers the five main categories of the exam
  • Includes practice exam software, videos and flashcards
  • Reviews the Excel user interface and terminology

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