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Thread: New PC for Revit and Lumion etc arrives

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    Quote Originally Posted by willsud View Post
    Neat idea and probably better for ventilation away from the floor?
    In most cases the only component sucking air from the bottom of the case is the power supply. Als long as the pc is on a hard surfance and has feet underneat, that should be more then enough ventilation. The power supply in your ''box'' pc is probably not pointing down, so i would not worry about it.

    My pc at home is also hanging underneath my desk, they metal hangers are custom made, only disatvantage is that i have to be very carefull with changing pc-cases otherwise it wont fit . My pc has the Corsair graphite 230T case, as long as everything fits i will keep it, since i would rather spend some more money on my hardware.
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