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Thread: Working with symbolic lines

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    Working with symbolic lines


    I have problem with making annotation in family in Revit 2020.
    I have opening family ( generic model face based), in family i have 2 voids. 1st void is cutting host(eg. finishing floor) and another is open void for cutting additional floors (eg. structural floor). I want to make 2 types of presentation depending on view range parameters. in plan which is just above level where family is hosted (eg. hosted on level 2 so i want see this annotation on level 2 plan) i wanted show some kind of filled region ( so i nested symbolic detail family on reference level), but on lower level i want to show different annotation with dashed lines and dont show annotations seen in level 2. i made refference plane under refrence level with offset parameter where I draw annotation lines connected with invisible model line between reference level and plane.

    Problem is here. when i used filled region it shows in every view where i can see this family even on view based on level 1 where i shouldn't see this because ths element is hosted on plane which is not in range of my view. I tried to change family category from generic to column - nothing changed, i tried to work with "draw in Foreground" parameter- nothing changed, tried to nest annotation element in another family then nest to the project - nothing changed....
    does anyone know a solution to this problem? I would be very grateful for your help

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    Welcome to the forum.

    There is a chance i am wrong (as i dont use Symbolic stuff very often, because it stinks), but i dont think there is any chance it will ever respect or change based on View Range settings.

    I think the only option is different subcategories, and you turn them on and off in the views you want to see them, or dont want to see them in.

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