Hello, All.

I'm trying to export Steel Plate elements to ifc with parameters (dimensions, material, ifcguid, element ID etc) but have no success. Elements show up in ifc but without any information about them.
Even turning on all Property Sets in ifc export settings, it won't export anything.
Only way to get even material parameter shown in ifc is when I don't change the default material (Steel - Washer). But after changing the Plates material then the material parameter value disappears from ifc also.

About IfcGUID: Revit doesn't store it in Revit but ifc has it.
About Element ID: I can store it in Revit making shared parameter to elements but it won't export it to ifc (usually can find that parameter under Summary tab as "Tag" parameter).

Has somebody found any solutions to that problem?

PS.Tried it with Revit 2020 and 2021.