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Thread: collaborating revit-model

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    collaborating revit-model


    We (me and my colleague) want to collaborate the same revit model in the local server. We model together the same buildingpart (curtain wall, with "generic model"-familes) at the same time and add/move/modify the same families. We use revit 2019 and don't use bim360.

    1. Is it possible if we share the same model and modify the same families?
    2. How should we set it up in the revit?

    Kind regards,
    peter smith

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    You need to enable worksharing so you have a central file. Then you both open the project as a local file and can work in the same project at the same time.

    You will not be able to edit the same family at the same time as that will give conflicts so Revit will not allow that.

    You can edit the family, both sync with central and then your colleagues can then edit it.

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