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Thread: Sheet Import from AutoCAD, Plot Stamp/ Date Stamp?

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    Sheet Import from AutoCAD, Plot Stamp/ Date Stamp?

    Hi all,

    For the certain Revit project I am working on, I have created Revit architectural models and am to place it on a sheet imported from AutoCAD.

    I have imported an xref sheet file from AutoCAD and exploded the sheet for it to be useable in Revit. The sheet size is standardized (A1) for the architectural plans with company info, etc. on the sheet. The AutoCAD file had a plot stamp on the left vertical border with information including the file name, when it was saved, who it was saved by, and when it was plotted. However, when the sheet was exploded to be useable in Revit, this feature was not applicable anymore and the time stamps correlate with that of when it was last imported from AutoCAD. I noticed that when using the default Revit sheet, the date/time stamp in the bottom right corner is live for when the sheet was actually printed. Is there a way I can..

    1. Import the plot stamp feature from AutoCAD into Revit
    2. or add a new date/time stamp into the imported sheet
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    1. No.
    2. Not exactly. You can make a Date/Time Stamp in a Revit (not REVIT) titleblock, but Revit Titleblocks will not do anything intelligently, with the CAD import. You need to use Labels, which read Parameters, in the Revit Titleblocks.

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    In other words: make a Revit Titleblock using Revit components. Don't just import it from AutocAD
    In fact, don't (even) Import and explode a CAD file.
    that might get you a quick result that will get you 80% of what you want, but you'll soon find there are many CAD features that don't automatically transfer into Revit. And vice versa.
    Go ahead and Import your DWG, but don't explode it. Use it only for reference to draw (not Trace) over sing real Revit elements.
    And then delete the DWG once you're done.
    Then dig around and remove all of the CAD junk that came in when you Imported it.
    You'll thank us later.

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