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Thread: Revit coordinates, results of my research, instructions and example files

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    Revit coordinates, results of my research, instructions and example files

    Hello friends, I wanted to share with you my experiences and knowledge about the coordinates in Revit. I have been working on this topic for weeks and have written a guide to it. Also the conversion of survey data in AutoCAD and the export to Revit is explained in detail. I have treated point clouds as well as the linking of DWG files. I am curious about your feedback, if my instructions are correct and helpful.
    Best regards, Andreas Habelt
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    inset refrenced autocad file in revit project the key of solution

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    It's a great write-up, actually. But it's not required to use a cad file at all. Many folks do, but it isn't needed. Specify Coords at a point doesn't need it.

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