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Thread: Navisworks + BIM Coordinate + Revit + VR

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    Navisworks + BIM Coordinate + Revit + VR

    I have just spent a few hours testing out the functionality of some new features Autodesk has just announced, thought I would share some insights here.

    There are 2 new features recently announced by autodesk that being

    Revit Issues plugin for 2020 (BETA only)
    BIM 360 Issue for Navisworks

    We wanted to test integrating and using as many platforms as possible in the loop, so we added in

    BIM 360 Coordinate
    Insite VR

    The revit plugin is BETA only, and is currently only supported for Revit 2020 (hopefully this is released very soon as it needs to be available in more versions in my opinion, especially considering 2022 will be out in about 4 months.)
    You can see a presentation on it here

    The navisworks feature is released with a download for manage 2020 and is already integrated in 2021 - (ie no download required for it to work in 2021) - 2021 is the recommended version for it by Autodesk.

    So this works pretty well, we can make comments in the model on any of the platforms including the VR platform and they circulate to be visible in all of the platforms pretty much instantaneously (with I guess upload times and latency issues but updates were quick on the small test we did, I imagine large projects might take longer)

    It allows me to (fairly) seamlessly create, and track issues across different platforms.

    We had a problem using Navisworks as when we would create new coordination views in Revit and publish them we had to add them to the navisworks model, and in doing so it would actually create an entirely new NWF file and you would therefore lose all your navisworks things such as search sets and saved views. For us this was a pretty big problem and we can not work out why it is doing this, we are hoping it is a bug and that we can get some support from Autodesk regarding that, but it is (in my opinion) a killer of navisworks in that workflow. (Maybe less of a problem now I understand how to save search sets properly)

    For insite VR the devs are aware and have told us it is on their radar, we can create issues and those are pushed to the cloud, but the issues being managed and resolved or closed out is not then pushed back into the VR, but this was not a huge deal as the VR for us is not that heavily used and is more for a visual aid than the principal issue management software.

    The revit plugin was nice, and changes to the model geometry do not push immediately to the cloud they only update with a new publish to the cloud (but this makes sense anyway). The comments and changes to the issue status etc were all managed instantaneously however so this worked without problems.

    In conclusion the sole issue was Navisworks creating new NWF files each time we needed to include a new coordination view, and as mentioned for the moment this kills navis out of that workflow in my opinion. (search sets might be an option here but I am wondering about saved views and navisworks comments and even clash reports in this environment which we have not yet tested)

    If anyone else has tested it out I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
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    Just this morning saw a blog / white paper on the same subject

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