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Ok good to know. By shared do you mean when I check that little box in the family itself to make it "shared"? Or the parameter itself is a shared parameter within the family? Now that I re-read this, I see you mean the type properties of the shared nested component... yes this seems to be the case

I had a chat with an old colleague last night regarding this problem, and he suggested that I could also just make a project parameter and have it set to = the shared parameter that doesnt want to be editable....would that also work?
I have to apologize, but i cant understand what you are saying, in this post. Ill break it down a bit:

Nested Family (unshared family) = You cant edit either the Instance or the Type Parameters, from the Project, regardless of if the parameters are Shared Parameters.

Nested Shared Family = You can edit the TYPE Parameters from the Project. You cannot edit the INSTANCE parameters in the project at all, you would have to have the IP's connected to Parameters in the PARENT family, and control them that way.

Project Parameters (Shared Parameters) added to all elements of Category through the Project Parameters or Schedule dialogue: These can be Instance, and can be edited for Nested Shared Family instances, AS LONG AS the Shared Parameter in question DOES NOT also exist in the Nested Shared Family itself. If it does, it wont work.

An example of this, is our Field Layout Parameters (Number, Northing, Easting, Elevation, Description). They are Shared Instance parameters, but they have to be added in the project template/file, NOT in the content itself, or they cant be edited in the Shared Nested Families.

What your colleague is suggesting (if i am reading it correctly, and there is a chance im reading in incorrectly) simply doesnt make sense, hence doesnt work.