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Thread: Can various base plates be introduced with the Connections Tool?

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    Can various base plates be introduced with the Connections Tool?

    Another novice question here.

    I'm utilizing the Steel associations apparatus to introduce base plates on my sections. I have a backwoods of sections and I cannot appear to sort out some way to append more that one base plate at time, seems like its a "each in turn" measure. Is that valid?

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    Column base plate connections are critical interface connections. They need to be provided between the steel structure and foundation to support the gravity loads.
    1) Insert a column of required length.

    2) Now you can access the (A) Base plate tool from the Home tab or alternatively, you can also select the base plate from the (B) Connection Center.

    3) When selecting the Base plate tool, it will prompt you to identify the column for which the Base plate has to be inserted. Click on the column and the base plate gets automatically created.

    4) With the General Base plate dialog open, you can set various parameters in the available tabs to control the Base plate parameters.

    5) Here, you have the options to control the dimensions, connection details, Flange/Gusset addition, hole creation & alignment.

    6) Once you have set all the parameters in accordance, click on the OK button. The Base plate will then update and will be created alongside the corresponding column.

    7) Alternatively, clicking on the Connection Center you then need to select the Base plates folder, and then the type of base plate you want to create.

    And then continue as mentioned in step 3.

    8) Also, in further course of modelling, if you want to edit the base plate display & properties, you just need to hold right click on the base plate and select Change Connection.

    8) This will reopen the Base plate dialog box again.

    9) Finally, on clicking OK, your base plate will get created.

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    I think your options depend on which version of Revit you are using - in Revit 2020, you should be able to right click on a connection and select "propagate connection" to create identical connections where the same framing condition occurs.

    This video shows using the propagate connections command, and the way you can edit all connections of the same type.

    I think if you are in Revit 2019 the propagate connection function isn't available, so you would need to add each one manually.

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