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Thread: Create Analytical Model from an IFC in Revit??

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    Red face Create Analytical Model from an IFC in Revit??

    Hi all,

    We've received a SE Revit model in IFC (steel framed building) - to save us some time i was hoping we could use this for producing our own detail design i.e. structural analysis in Tekla, and detailing in Revit.

    The first issue is that there is no analytical model to work with (i believe you cannot export analytical models in IFC?) so I'm wondering whether there's a quick tool in Revit which identifies the members and can create the analysis model from? We could then analyse in TSD.

    The next issue, is all the framing and column families are system families, which are named to the previous engineers standards, and obviously with unmapped IFC parameters. What is the best solution to work with these elements for our own model/detailing production?

    My thoughts are that this file is unworkable and only suitable for coordination, however it's worth a try if we can save some valuable time.

    Appreciate any thoughts.


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    So you have a hot mess by the sounds of it.

    First off, you can not obtain analytical data from the IFC. What you could do is open the IFC using revit (not link it but use the "open" command in the menu). What this will do, is replace IFC geometry with native revit geometry. Worth a try to see just how useable that conversion is.

    The issue you have there though, will be that revit looks for the correct IFC Category. You can try and recover a large portion of your model, you also will probably need to preconfigure the object mapping preferences

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