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Thread: People, plants, cars etc libraries for rendering

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    That's all that is needed, Alex? Just the material asset? Who would have thought.......Guess i never bothered to stop and dig into it. That's great!! I'll give it a try.

    Then again, i can't say that our existing planting families are all that great either.....It's one of those things that gets pushed aside for more mission critical content.

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    Yep: create a parameter for your families called "EnscapeAssetID" and populate with the ID of the enscape asset
    (Project parameter - or within the family itself so its prepopulated for other projects)
    i.e. look at the type properties of the enscape asset and copy/paste
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	enscapeassetID.png 
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    Only works if the orientation of your familiy matches the orientation of the asset.
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    I have found professional rendering plugins have libraries that work well for this. Vray & Enscape have allowed my renderings to become next level.

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