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    backup file

    Iĺm wandering why people are so afraid of losing their main file on Revit. I read thread dealing with this is you worh with that work sharing can be lethal for files while synchronisingů
    Every rvt file creats a backup file, as ACAD create a bak. Is it so dangerous to use the backfile for the saving a project which has been corrumpted ?
    Thanks for your enlightments and happe new year 😉

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    As far as I know a workshared project does not have a backup file (.0001.rvt, etc.), just from the local files and it is a pain in the @$$ to get from a local file back to a central file especially if you have multiple people in there that all lost work. You need to figure out who has the newest local file, open that, clean that up, put back on the server, make into a shared file again and have everybody make a new local file. And then they all have to go and find out what it is they need to redo.

    If you just work by yourself (as I do) and don't use a work shared project that the backup files works well, but all the backup stuff is in case my NAS stops working and I loose everything, which would be bad.

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