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Thread: New computer/graphics card issues with Revit 2019

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    Are you on a laptop, perchance? If so, have you checked that youa re using the correct Power Supply / AC Adapter? When a lower power AC Adapter is used, a lot of laptops will go in to a "lower power mode." The Dell Precisions are notorious for this. At my last job (7 years ago now) i was troubleshooting a laptop for 3 days before i finally tried switching the AC adapter and everything suddenly worked full speed again.

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    Wanted to give an update. After installing the current studio driver with a clean install, I ended up contacting Nvidia and they recommended some changes to make in the Nvidia control panel that fixed the problem.

    Here is what they had me do:

    1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel --> Manage 3D settings.
    2. Go to Global Settings tab.
    3. In the setting window, change the 'global preset' to '3D visual simulation app'.
    4. Also check below settings too,
    • Power management mode – prefer maximum performance
    • Ambient Occlusion – Off
    • Triple buffering – off
    • Threaded optimization – ON
    • Vertical Sync – Adaptive
    5. Click on Save,.
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