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Thread: Flow Parameter unit change - heads up

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    Flow Parameter unit change - heads up

    In case people were not aware, the imperial units for flow rate in piping changed. In years 2020 and below, flow rate parameter units were in gallons_us_per_minute. In 2021, flow rate parameter units were in us_gallons_per_minute. Content made before 2021 with flow parameters in their type catalogs will need to change to liters_per_minute in order to be version stable as gallons_us_per_hour and us_gallons_per_hour has the same issue.

    EDIT:: There are a lot more unit changes as well. Piping volume, structural forces...Was there a documented list of all the unit changes in 2021?

    EDIT 2:: I found this link for unit changes. I do not know if it is the full list, but it's a start.
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