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Thread: Cooling and Heating load calculation for office

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    Cooling and Heating load calculation for office


    I am using Revit 2021 for the first time for an office HVAC design, and I am trying the Heating and Cooling load calculation tool.
    The problem I have is that the Load Report I get after performing the calculations is completly different from what I am seeing in the Design Cooling loads of my space Schedule. I am attaching two images to show this, one shows a peak cooling load for the building of 197 kW taken from the load report, and the other the space schedule total for the design cool load showing a much more reasonable value of 124 kW. Does anyone have an idea of why this two values have such a difference?

    I am also having trouble with the heating load calculation. Revit is not considering the heat load that comes from the outside air ventilation of the different spaces. If I make outside air flow two times higher, the cooling load increases, but it doesnt have any impact on the heatiing load. Which also explains the difference between the cooling and heating loads I am getting for the space schedule loads.

    Is there something I am not setting up properly? Or is Revit just limited for this type of analysis?

    Thank you!
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