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Thread: Problems with georeferenced CAD file in Revit

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    Problems with georeferenced CAD file in Revit

    Hi guys.

    As you can assume from just reading the title, I have a CAD file that I want to use for georeferencing my project. We are in process of doing MEP with Arch model in form of IFC from other software. Idea is to rotate that object so that it could stay straight instead of an angle that represents real world. After that I've planned to insert surveyor cad file and just aquire coordinate. That would automatically create an angle to true north and I would get coordinates.

    But after inserting CAD file, lines are pretty much distorted in a way that when I'm zooming in lines go all over the place. I'm familiar with that problem when coordinates are far from zero (breaching revit limit) and usually I use CAD file as reference for modeling so coordinates are not so important. Then I can easily just drag all that in 0,0,0 in CAD and import that in Revit, no problem. But now I need to put the model in real world position.

    What are my options?

    Drag everything to 0,0,0? in that way I will keep rotation to true north but coordinates will be lost. Should I then find a point and with using ID in CAD Specify that coordinate in model?


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    Everything needs to be close to Revit's 0,0,0, regardless of what it is that you "want to do." Then read about Shared Coordinates, as THAT is how you properly georeference the model.

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    If you insert the file using Auto Center to Center and the lines are still jagged then the extents of the elements in the CAD file are too large. You should get a warning message from Revit if so. If your use of "Geo" means the file actually uses the Geolocation features of AutoCAD or Civil 3D then the geomarker needs to be positioned close to the actual site, not close to the file origin.

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