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Thread: Demo window making wall sweep act wonky

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    Demo window making wall sweep act wonky

    I have an existing brick/stud wall, where the lower portion of the wall has a double row of brick up to about ~10 feet, then steps back with a brick shape to a single brick wythe up to the top of the 2nd floor. The exterior wall type is built with the single brick layer as the exterior finish layer, and then a brick wainscot sweep on the lower portion, and the brick shape. The sweeps are set to be "cuttable" so that doors and windows cut the wainscot properly.

    Problem is, because the wainscot is so tall, taller than the windows and doors on the 1st floor, it ends up causing some weird issues with demolished windows. If I demolish a window, the infilled insert piece of the exterior wall type shows only the brick finish layer in plan and section. The outer layer sweep is there but it shows as solid white. But in elevation and 3D views, that piece of the sweep infill DOES show up. If I try to place a different window, or a curtain wall, etc. in that infill piece, it will not cut the piece of infilled wall sweep. So I have to go around hiding those pieces in every elevation or 3D view.

    Any idea how to work around this? I have tried joining geometry of the infilled wall sweep piece and the infilled wall type, but that doesn't seem to affect anything.

    Only workaround I've found so far is to place the infill sweep piece on some other workset that is off by default.
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