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Thread: Filtered Element Collector using a List of System Family Categories?

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    Filtered Element Collector using a List of System Family Categories?

    So im gathering all of the objects in the model, for some stuff.

    I made a List of FamilyInstance Categories, like this:

    List<BuiltInCategory> FamilyModelCategories = new List<BuiltInCategory>(2);

    FamilyModelCategories.Add(BuiltInCategory.OST_Duct Terminal);
    FamilyModelCategories.Add(BuiltInCategory.OST_Cabl eTray);
    FamilyModelCategories.Add(BuiltInCategory.OST_Cabl eTrayDrop);
    FamilyModelCategories.Add(BuiltInCategory.OST_Cabl eTrayFitting);

    Then i gathered them with:

    FilteredElementCollector ModeledComponents
    = new FilteredElementCollector(doc)
    .WherePasses(new ElementMulticategoryFilter(FamilyModelCategories)) ;

    It worked great. But, even though the System Families exist in the OST_ area of BuiltInCategories, they dont work. So i have a seperate list of:

    List<Type> SysFamCategories = new List<Type>(2);


    And that appears to work fine (not that i can tell, though). Because, i cant figure out that goes in .WherePasses for this FilteredCollector...?

    FilteredElementCollector ModeledSystems = new FilteredElementCollector(doc)
    .WherePasses( What the heck goes here?? (SysFamCategories));

    Or is this not going to fly? I was making the individual system category Collections individually, and UnionWith-ing them all together. But since this worked for the FamilyInstance part, i figured it would be a little more streamlined. But if not...

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    I would suggest the union. Much simpler.
    To join multiple FilteredElementCollector you need a LogicalOrFilter, see this example: The Building Coder: Do Not Filter For All Elements
    And start using static methods. Makes your code much more clean. For start try this:
    public static class Collectors
        public static IList<Element> InstancesList(this Document doc)
           return new FilteredElementCollector(doc).WherePasses(new ElementIsElementTypeFilter(false)).ToElements();
    This way you can access the instances list directly from a Document instance, as in:
    IList<Element> instances = doc.InstancesList();
    Later, you will want to complicate the parameters passed in the method, but that's in the human nature

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