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Thread: Windows 8 (Consumer Preview)

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    Windows 8 (Consumer Preview)

    Anyone else have a chance to play around with Windows 8 yet?

    I just downloaded it and installed it in a VM.

    I know it's "beta", and some things are bound to be changed, but OMG... this has disaster written all over it. I've used every version of Windows since 2.0, I've used Macs for twenty-five years, I've used Linux... I've never felt so lost in an OS. If people thought Vista was bad... I can't wait to see the reactions to W8.

    That being said, it looks like it would work a lot better if I was using a touch-screen to use it rather than a keyboard and mouse. And I do like the general "minimalistic" look of Metro. But I found the Metro tiling visually confusing with the various sized rectangles. I literally couldn't figure out how to close Metro apps (I finally had to google it), and even after learning how, it still took way too much effort for something that should take 1 second (e.g. click the "X" in the corner of the app window). I started the "music" app and immediately had to sign up for some kind of "xbox live" b.s., and then I couldn't see how to add my own music collection... seemed like some sort of storefront for selling music. I couldn't figure out how to switch between metro apps... I launched Internet Explorer, and then to switch to email, I had to close IE and then open email... and to switch back to IE, I had to close email, etc. (I'm sure there's some "simple" way once you know how, but I couldn't figure it out on my own). Then to shutdown W8, I was again at a loss... I finally figured out how to log-out, then shutdown from the log-in screen.

    This is all to say that there is absolutely nothing intuitive or self-evident about how the OS works. It's so ridiculously convoluted that I was laughing. There are some good ideas there, but Microsoft has some serious work ahead of them... it's not even close to being ready as a "desktop" OS, IMHO.

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    Yeah, Steve "Sweating fat man" Balmer and his One Windows Everywhere delusion is not gonna fly. It is like having the exact same engine and transmission in everything from a go-cart to an earth mover. Not gonna work. Your review just leaves me even more sure I will not be bothering to test any flavors of Revit in the new Windows, and will be recommending that people not upgrade. I will let the download finnish anyway, but no longer have plans to install it tonight. Windows 7 is the new XP, passable enough to use for 5 years or more while Microsoft throws @%#$ at the wall to see what sticks for the next few versions. Kinda sad really, because graphically/typographically metro really is an attempt at something beautiful. But beauty without any actual utility/worth is, well, Kim Kardashian.

    EDIT: on a more hopeful note, IRU, my understanding is there is a way to turn off the Metro skin and go back to the Windows 7 UI, at least on a non tablet device. Sadly, I have not read any reviews that suggest much of value in the new Windows other than tablet functionality, so why pay for the upgrade for Revit users.

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    Having used the "prototype" of the Metro UI on my 360, my housemate's new Nokia phone, and as the frontend of MCE in Windows 7, I can't believe MS are serious in their thinking it could be a full-blown OS UI. As you say iru, it's a perfectly acceptable interface for touchscreen/mobile devices - and I can see potential as a sound frontend format for full-screen apps and websites - but I just don't see how such a simplistic grid structure can translate to all the levelsand tiers of a desktop-based OS, unless MS plan to hide away even more of the technical backend to make Windows more "user-facing" - which to a certain degree has been a strong move with Win7.

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