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Thread: Tekla BIMsight

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    Thats a great write up, thanks for the link Steve.

    Regarding the IFC issue: I'll tell you what, it doesnt make you make your own IFC translation, if you install the exporter, and for a *first try* it does remarkably well. Wall attachments, canted walls (by face), all of the things that have always given me trouble with IFC... Didnt. (Except Curtain Systems, but im going to go on a limb and say this may be workable).

    To be fair, i think it oculd replace Navis for us *potentially* since a lot of features in Navis we dont use: We have a lot of tools for walking/moving, and we dont use Timeliner at all. As for the expedience of loading models... So far ive only loaded in our 7 storey training file, but it was very graceful.

    Its definetely NOT fit and finished like Navis... But with a price tag like that, i might seriously be willing to let go of some of the fit and finish, if the functionality is workable. A license price of Navis is worth another license of something else (Revit...).

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdoherty0102 View Post
    What is everyone's thoughts on this? There is Navisworks, Solibri, Synchro, Constructor, Primavera, and BIMsight...what all do they have compared to each other? I have always liked Navis and have been using it since Autodesk bought it out, but what does everyone else think on the subject?
    Having only experience with Navis and Solibri they are the only two I will draw differences from.

    Navisworks is a great collision detection tool with some other stuff thrown in for flash and flare, such as animations and timeliner. It does not do much beyond what it was built for though. Where I like Solibri is that it is a rule based system that I can pretty much write rules to do any sort of checking on a model I could want. Solibri will allow you to do exit pathing analysis and ADA wheel chair requirements in rooms to be sure that there is enough space to turn a wheel chair. Solibri can also be used to check door distance locations in relation to revolving doors and so on. The open ended rule system really does make Solibri an incredibly powerful tool. But Solibri does not do fun little animations or timeliner.

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    They are about to have a webinar:
    Your new professional BIM tool - Tekla BIMsight
    Join us on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

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